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Our Approach
Recycled swim fabric
In our last collection we were excited to introduce recycled swim fabric.This Eco-friendly fabric is made from nylon waste collected from sea and fields, can be from old carpets to fishing nets lost in the Ocean.

Compostable packaging
Lapa currently uses compostable packaging made from cassava roots for all online orders, to reduce waste and  it will bio-degrade in you own home compost!
Ethical production
All Lapa products are made in Bali by a group of tailors that possess vast textile-related experience and technical skills in relation to tailoring and sewing with lycra, pattern creation, and all other processes involved in creating our beautiful swimwear products.
Bali is our home, we have a deep genuine love and respect fo its people and culture.

Digital printted swim fabric
Our swim fabric is digitally printed, allowing for small production runs to reduce fabric waste. Digital printing also requires less water, therefore creating less water waste.

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